ShareMySea, the first boating collaborative mobile application 

Like other peer to peer businesses, the application links boaters with people who have no boat, to plan sea trips. ShareMySea wants to democratize sailing. The application is not only aimed at sailors, boat owners, fishermen… but also anyone who has never had the chance to sail before (no boat, no license, no crewmates…) and want to have new adventures and discover the sea like never before. ShareMySea is there to give you the opportunity to board for the first time!


Once you download it, for free, and thanks to the GPS locator, the application shows you all the trips you can do “nearby” and of course, to publish your own if you like. Like AirBnB or other peer to peer business, ShareMySea acts like the trusted third party: with a member feedback system after each trip made, secured transactions, member recognition and trades moderation.


sms-plageThis new collaborative economy is growing significantly and is revolutionizing the entire sailing environment. The market is changing a lot those days: Boat owners are getting older, boat trip rates is declining, the economic context…

Lot of boat owners don’t fully enjoy their passion when any of their friends are available to go on a trip with them. Meanwhile, more and more people would love to sail or having a chance to board in one of the nice boat passing away. But don’t have enough money to afford such a huge investment or even rent one. Whereas more and more people are getting their sailing license without having the ability to navigate. And ShareMySea is there to give them the opportunity, for free or just some participating fees, to be in contact with other passionate to share their passion with.


ShareMySea already received different awards that bring us new partnerships as : TBS, APRIL Marine, SNSM (French national sea rescuing association)… Since it was launched in July 2016, after only 2 months, more than 50 000 people have visited ShareMySea, on our website & mobile application. And more than 15 000 members already joined the community. Since it has been launched, the local and national press welcomed and appreciated our new sharing concept: TF1 (First national French TV channel), BFM & I-Télé (national news broadcasting channels), Europe1 & RTL (national radios). The application launched in France and overseas, in his original version, will be available soon in Canada and some other European Countries, in a brand new version that include lot of different innovative technologies and new trends for summer 2017.


We are looking for investors, partners and channel distributors, please contact-us.

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