Welcome aboard to ShareMySea, the multi-award winning mobile app for
boat owners who want to share their sea ! The ShareMySea app will soon be available in your country on iOS & Android. Be the first to experience the voyage, download now !

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ShareMySea, the App

ShareMySea, the first boating collaborative mobile application ever, is available on iOS and Android, where users can share boating experiences like fishing or sailing, ... Whether you have a boat or not, you will be happy to share your sea ! ShareMySea will be soon available in your country, Be the first to know, download the app ! We are Ocean Lover's.

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The ShareMySea app is available on iOS & Android (Coming soon in your country)



ShareMySea, the first boating collaborative mobile application ShareMySea, the first boating collaborative mobile application  Like other peer to peer businesses, the application links boaters with people who have no boat, to plan sea trips. ShareMySea wants to democratize sailing. [...]